The Impact Of Supply Chain Reliability Of Distri Companies In Ipo Processes: Aitek Sa.

Herve Yessoh

Supply Chain Director at Aitek

Session Description
Herve Yessoh, Supply Chain Director at Aitek, brings extensive international experience and a relentless drive for solving company challenges. With qualifications from prestigious institutions and certifications in supply chain management, Yessoh specializes in improving procurement, importation, and distribution processes. Poised to discuss “THE IMPACT OF SUPPLY CHAIN RELIABILITY OF DISTRI COMPANIES IN IPO PROCESSES: AITEK SA,” he demonstrates expertise in enhancing supply chain operations for large-scale projects.

Herve Yessoh, an expert in supply chain management, will discuss the overview and significance of IPO Processes for distribution, shedding light on their critical role in business expansion. He will meticulously assess the risks and advantages associated with supply chain reliability during IPO processes, offering nuanced perspectives for distributors. Yessoh’s insights will extend to practical strategies aimed at mitigating risks and fortifying supply chain reliability, fostering resilience and efficiency in distribution operations.
Key Topics

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