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Because B2B purchase decisions are complex, and often weighty, stakeholders look to experts to gain confidence. Data shows that the typical buyer consumes 7 to 10 pieces of content before making their choice; PTN is a network of more than 2 million professionals, including thousands of decision makers and C-suite executives.

We provide a complete revenue advantage by providing qualified sales appointments, qualified meetings increasing sales demand, and becoming your strategic outbound partner.
Clients’ results:
72% Increase in conversation for Oil & Gas Client         4 clients and 89 appointments for Oil & Gas Client         $1.2M deal and $4M pipeline for a procurement industry         4X growth and $100K+ avg. deal size for Freight Forwarding Industry         28 appointments in 2 months for Renewable Energy Client         300 Leads provided for a Logistics client

Lead generation services that win clients

You can put all your energy into scaling your business while we set up a consistent stream of vetted business leads to your pipeline.
Appointment Setting
A-Z process of booking appointments with high lead-to-deal potential. Seize new opportunities within the first few weeks.
Demand Generation
From raising awareness to fostering loyalty, build relations that will bring you more visibility and contracts, as a result.
Cold Email Outreach
Increase engagement, appointments attendance, and conversion to deals with clear-cut outreach campaigns.
Sales Development
Optimize your outbound lead nurturing with dedicated SDRs, who have hands-on experience in your domain.
Sales Enablement
Talk about the real project with potential clients and close more deals while we do follow-ups after your meetings.
CRM Consulting
Better sales team performance with all the info about accounts always at hand. Get the powerful CRM they’ll be using.
LinkedIn Marketing
15% higher sales closing rate achieved by developing your brand image and reaching your customers directly.
Unleash your sales potential with our lead generation services

How we do it?

01. Capturing
Use inbound or outbound marketing to get them interested enough to visit our website or landing page.
02. Convincing
Provide them some form of Value Exchange where they provide their contact info to get more insights or test your product or services
You can put all your energy into scaling your business while we set up a consistent stream of vetted business leads to your pipeline.
03. Nurturing
Develop meaningful connections through tailored interactions to guide leads toward conversion
04. Closing
Upon conversion, our streamlined process directs leads to the sales team or an intuitive ordering payment portal for actions.

Build pipeline and connect with quality leads

Focus on closing deals, while we retrieve, qualify, and nurture your leads until they demonstrate genuine interest in your products or services.
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