How To Choose The Right Agency To Outsource Lead Generation

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More than 85% of B2B decision-makers say that outsourcing lead generation has a good effect, and 71% of them say that the external team outperformed the internal team. 

Choosing the correct outsourced team can be difficult, even though it might be a cost-effective extension (or replacement) of your own. Do they understand your niche? Is their approach successful? When choosing the best lead generating vendor, sales executives and business owners must consider these and other crucial considerations. 

Check out this complete guide that includes important things to think about if you want to choose the most trustworthy partner for your lead generation. 

5 things you should look for in a lead gen company

Channel-focused expertise and industry knowledge:

Companies who have no prior experience obtaining leads from your industry or specific channel will have little success delivering them to you.

An agency must have a track record of lead generation success in your industry and have a narrow focus of no more than two channels in order to commit and produce results.

For instance, we at PTN Events have been organizing global conferences and events for more than 5 years and have more than ten thousand clients in our portfolio. We have worked with these clients for sponsorship, speaking engagements, and/or media partnerships.

Social proof: Can an agency support its claims about performance?

Reputation is equal to references. Do they work for the agency you’re thinking about? Check external review websites like Clutch and G2 to make sure you see genuine testimonials.

Analyze the case studies the business has produced. It is significant to remember that they should not simply state, “Here’s what we did,” but also offer actionable ideas. And by “contain actionable insights,” we mean that they should emphasize the difficulties and appropriate solutions as well as the important outcomes obtained.

To see these fundamental components in action, read the success story of one of our healthcare clients.

You’ll be able to see how the agency solves problems and makes choices by using this straightforward structure.


Regarding visibility, consider how transparent the vendor of your choice is about its methods, procedures, and strategies. Do they only release promotional items like checklists and how-to guides? Or do they provide instances of what they actually do, why they do it, and how they do it in the real world?

This also pertains to their knowledge and available perspectives. Look for some hints, examples, screenshots, movies, and other materials that can show their transparency in operation.

Value for money:

How can you tell if you’re getting the most value for your money? Follow the ROI of your marketing investments. Put simply, the fundamental formula is:

(Sales Profit – Marketing Cost) / Marketing Cost * 100 = ROMI

If your ROMI is higher than 100%, then your marketing efforts are worth it. 

The Culture and Team:

Although the team itself may not be as evident a consideration, it is just as crucial as the other factors. Although you pick the business, you collaborate with its employees. If they have the right mindset, values, and ideals, your collaboration will succeed or fail.

We advise you to find out who will be working on your project to assess this. Consider the following information regarding the personnel of the organization:

Professional history:

  • What have they accomplished,
  • Where have they worked before
  • How long have they been employed by the current business

Fidelity to the business:

  • What do they have to say about their company
  • How much do they enjoy working there, etc.?


  • Do they possess the autonomy necessary to make their own decisions

Now that you are aware of the qualities that make a strong lead generation firm. It’s time to put your knowledge into practice and look for partners you can rely on

In conclusion

Choosing the best lead generation business to outsource to can significantly increase your sales and produce deals worth millions of dollars. Making the wrong decision can cost you reputational damage in addition to time and money.

Choose and assess three to five lead gen agencies so that you can make the most of your upcoming collaboration with them. To determine which company is the greatest fit for you, consider their core competencies, check the evaluations, look into their procedures and methods, meet the teams, and conduct interviews.

We at PTN Events are aware of the value of getting predictable results and having clear communication. To get you meetings with warm prospects, we’re leveraging the best industry techniques for cold email marketing. We welcome any queries you may have and will keep you informed at every turn of our ongoing effort.

Want to schedule at least 500 appointments annually? Get in touch with our sales specialists to identify the best approach to achieving your objectives.

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