How To Generate Sales Leads: a 6 Step Guide

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Generating new leads is one of the most crucial and important part of any business to excel its sales and revenue

In a challenging scenario, where your company is on a mission to achieve a 40% sales growth by the year’s end, you find yourself facing a considerable hurdle. Your dedicated team, while talented, is unfortunately ill-equipped to meet their quotas effectively. What’s even more concerning is the fact that your sales lead generation process, the crucial initial stage of our sales funnel, is severely broken.

While other aspects of your sales process remain robust, the bottleneck at the lead generation stage is hindering your overall success. It’s a pressing issue that demands immediate attention and innovative solutions.

So how do you generate leads?

To answer your question, we have curated 6 strategies that can help you in generating leads

1. Make cold calls

Sales representatives that detest receiving leads over the phone are not unusual. According to research, one in two salespeople detest making cold calls since they are intrusive, can seem robotic, and are likely to result in rejections

Well, Here’s the thing though: Like it or not, cold calling is effective!

The initial few seconds of a cold call are crucial, and poor openers cause many to fail. Your call’s opener must be confident and swagger-filled, demonstrate that you did your homework, and request permission if necessary.

Pro tip: Modify your cold call script and be quite succinct if you notice that your permission-based openers are ineffective. Such a script is effective: “Hey (first name), I know I called out of the blue, so I’d definitely respect your time and keep it short. I’m phoning since…

2. Cold email

A common strategy for generating leads is cold email. But when salespeople have low open rates, low response rates, and a low follow-up sequence, it becomes effing exhausting. The effort placed into the messaging is directly correlated with these subpar results.

Your salesmen must understand that writing a great cold email is similar to carving a block of marble as a team. To create a masterpiece, they would need to put out effort, accuracy, and patience.

Pro tip: Steer clear of cold emailing on the weekends. The worst days to send emails are weekends, unless you’re emailing B2B executives. Additionally, warm up your email before conducting cold outreach to avoid having your message end up in spam bins.

3. Social marketing

Using your company’s and workers’ social media accounts to market your business and draw leads naturally is known as social marketing

Tips to increase your social presence:

  • Possess a convincing viewpoint
  • Occasionally Share positive customer feedback
  • Allow your team to be inventive on LinkedIn
  • Encourage team members to comment on each other’s posts.
  • Have a content bank with posting inspiration.
  • Get your founder to represent your company on LinkedIn

4. LinkedIn Outreach

While we are on the topic of social selling or marketing let’s not forget that LinkedIn is the primary channel for salespeople looking to generate their own leads — especially those in the B2B and B2C industries.

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for salespeople, particularly in the B2B and B2C sectors, who want to produce their own leads when it comes to social selling. The filters on LinkedIn make it simple to find the right leads by industry or individual decision-maker titles.

However, the difficulty is in properly pursuing these leads. Consider LinkedIn messaging scripts as a gentler alternative to your cold email templates that support effective outreach.

Pro Tip: Establishing rapport is similar to “giving.” Avoid giving once and then ‘asking. Give several times before requesting. Be aware that your lead might not answer at first when you ask. Follow up, then.

5. Client Relations

Your existing clients are your best source of new leads. They are qualified and more likely to complete other agreements now that they have worked with your firm. To make the most of this chance, keep in touch with your customers and plan out your follow-up activities.

You might discover that clients are more willing to accept an upsell or be reactivated if they’ve churned if you establish rapport with them and refrain from using a hard pitch.

6. Outsourcing Sales

If your sales force is having trouble producing new leads or not scaling outreach. You can outsource this to an agency.

When seeking a sales outsourcing company, make sure each of the following is in order:

  • The company has an efficient outbound procedure.
  • Customers are enthusiastic about the outsourcing firm.
  • The organization has case studies to back up their experience.

Core sales employees with these attributes, such as SDRs, BDRs, Account Executives, and a VP of Sales at the outsourced agency, will assist you focus on nurturing and closing prospects and will increase your effectiveness as a Team.

Pro Tip: Extend your team with PTN’s lead generation service.

Build your own lead gen strategy with us to improve conversion rates and grow your revenue.

Because B2B purchase decisions are complex, and often weighty, stakeholders look to experts to gain confidence. Data shows that the typical buyer consumes 7 to 10 pieces of content before making their choice; PTN is a network of more than 2 million professionals, including thousands of decision makers and C-suite executives.

We provide a complete revenue advantage by providing qualified sales appointments, qualified meetings increasing sales demand, and becoming your strategic outbound partner.

Focus on closing deals, while we retrieve, qualify, and nurture your leads until they demonstrate genuine interest in your products or services.

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