Supply Chain Inventory Management Power by AI

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Mainak Mitra

Lead TPM Data Platform (Analytics & AI) at Conviva

Session Description
Mainak Mitra, the Analytics, AIML, Data leader at Conviva, boasts over 20 years of dynamic experience across leading tech firms including Google, Apple, Cisco, and startups. With a proven track record in pioneering products and solutions in Data and Analytics across various domains, Mainak has spearheaded global engineering and product teams, enhancing platform analytics through AI and Data Engineering methodologies. Recognized with prestigious awards for his contributions to the field, Mainak is poised to share his insights on AI-powered Supply Chain Inventory Management at the upcoming Supply Chain Visibility Conference.

Mainak Mitra, the Analytics, AIML, Data leader at Conviva, will provide a comprehensive overview of AIML and Gen AI, focusing on their implications for inventory management. He’ll delve into the application of AI in supply chain operations, presenting real-world case studies to illustrate its effectiveness in inventory management. Additionally, Mainak will address the dilemmas, concerns, and considerations associated with integrating AI into business operations, offering valuable insights for optimizing supply chain processes. Attendees can expect a holistic perspective on leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in inventory management and beyond.
Key Topics

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