Targeting a greener, more efficient containerised commodity supply chain

Fergus Eley

Maritime & Supply Chain Excellence at BHP

Session description
Fergus Eley, BHP’s Head of Maritime Enterprise, leading the charge for a greener, more efficient containerized supply chain. His focus on decarbonization, technology, and safety sets the course for a sustainable future. At the Container Shipping Conference 2022, he shared actionable insights to drive positive change in global logistics.

Fergus Eley, is a key player in BHP’s mission to make global shipping greener and more efficient. BHP is a giant company that moves lots of stuff worldwide, like copper and nickel, using huge ships. What’s exciting is that they’re making their ships more eco-friendly by using cleaner fuels such as natural gas and trying out green biofuels. They’re even looking into using wind power for their ships. What’s more, they’re using computer data to make smarter decisions that reduce pollution and make shipping more efficient. Think of BHP as a big captain steering the ship towards a cleaner and eco-friendly future for global trade, and Fergus Eley is leading the way.

Key Topics

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