Safety Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

Britt Howard

Group Director, Assurance at Worley

Session description
Britt Howard, the Group Director of Assurance at Worley, with over 31 years of global experience in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). With a track record of developing and implementing successful HSE programs, Britt’s insights at the Artificial Lift Summit 2022 are a must-know. In this blog, we explore his strategies for Safety Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence in the oil and gas industry.

Britt Howard, a seasoned expert, had emphasized the vital role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in workplace safety. He stressed that EI involves understanding and handling emotions, both your own and those of your team. It was like having a special skill to perceive how people felt and communicate with them, especially when things got tough. EI was a powerful tool for safety leaders because it fostered a workplace where everyone felt safe, trusted one another, and openly discussed safety concerns. When leaders possessed strong EI, their teams became more safety-conscious, resulting in fewer accidents and issues. Britt’s insights underscored the profound impact of EI on creating a safer and more harmonious work environment.

Key Topics

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