Revised ESP trip setting strategies along with Realtime monitoring saves unnecessary ESP trips and failures

Abdallh Moustafa

Business Development and Artificial Lift Expert Consultant at Noble Alfil Management Consulting

Session description
Abdallh Moustafa, the experienced Artificial Lift Engineer at Bapetco, introduced groundbreaking ESP strategies at the 2022 Artificial Lift Summit. Leveraging 12 years of expertise, he’s redefining ESP practices, emphasizing “Revised ESP Trip Setting” and “Real-time Monitoring” to boost efficiency and prevent costly failures in the oil and gas industry. This blog explores his innovative approaches set to revolutionize the sector.

Abdallh Moustafa, an expert in the oil and gas industry, understands the importance of efficiency and cost savings. When there are many Artificial Lift wells to manage, and not enough people to do it, real-time monitoring becomes crucial. It allows us to keep an eye on these wells remotely and catch problems early, preventing expensive trips, equipment failures, and production delays. Additionally, having strict rules in place, known as trip settings, ensures that the system shuts down if something goes wrong and could harm the equipment. This not only safeguards the machines but also saves a significant amount of money on repairs. Abdallh Moustafa’s insights emphasize the importance of these practices in making the oil and gas industry more efficient and cost-effective.
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