Practical lessons learned from 15+ years installing SCADA in Midstream Oil

Chuck Drobny

Chief Executive Officer at GlobaLogix

Session Description
Chuck Drobny, the visionary CEO of GlobaLogix, stands as a beacon of knowledge in the realm of SCADA systems for midstream oil & gas and municipal water. With a remarkable journey steering his company through industry challenges since 2006, Chuck Drobny shared his profound insights at the Oil & Gas Automation and Digitalization Conference 2023. In this blog, we embark on a journey to uncover and explore the invaluable insights he has gathered over 15 years of SCADA installations. As we delve into his wisdom, we uncover not just lessons learned, but a strategic mindset that continues to shape success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

In the dynamic realm of midstream oil and gas, the implementation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems stands as a linchpin for optimizing processes and ensuring operational efficiency. With an extensive experience spanning over 15 years in this complex sector, we’ve distilled pragmatic insights that hold the key to triumphant SCADA installations. These lessons serve as a compass through the unique challenges of the industry, offering indispensable guidance for those navigating the intricate landscape of midstream operations. Amid the ever-evolving oil and gas landscape, a notable revelation emerges: clients often truly understand their needs only when they experience the SCADA system in action. This realization underscores the need for adaptability and fluidity during the installation process. An approach marked by collaboration, allowing real-time adjustments based on user feedback, ensures that the SCADA solution seamlessly aligns with operational requisites, ultimately leading to an efficacious implementation and long-term success. Effective project management emerges as a linchpin in this journey. Given the multifaceted nature encompassing hardware, software, and stakeholder coordination, a robust project management strategy becomes an indispensable asset. Transparent timelines, judicious resource allocation, and stakeholder engagement are pivotal in averting delays and facilitating the project’s smooth trajectory. Moreover, the strategic articulation of business objectives at the project’s inception amplifies its impact. Beyond the technological dimension, this alignment ensures that the SCADA installation contributes holistically to operational efficiency, safety enhancement, and optimal resource utilization.

Furthermore, the bedrock of a well-informed SCADA design rests on comprehensive on-site surveys. A profound understanding of the physical landscape, existing infrastructure, and environmental dynamics empowers the crafting of a tailored SCADA system. The intricate tapestry of midstream operations underscores the significance of integration. Often interfacing with diverse technologies, seamless connectivity and data accuracy necessitate an intimate grasp of these technologies. In summation, the invaluable insights garnered from over 15 years of SCADA installations illuminate the path to success, serving as a guiding light for enhanced midstream operations in the ever-evolving oil and gas realm.

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