Optimizing Artificial Lift with Surface Multiphase Boosting

Luis Martinez

Jim Becker at Leistritz Advanced Technology Corp.

Session description
Luis Martinez, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in Oil and Gas pumping equipment and Multiphase Production Systems. As a speaker at the Artificial Lift Summit 2022, he shared actionable insights. In this blog, we’ll explore his strategies for optimizing Artificial Lift with Surface Multiphase Boosting.

Luis Martinez, a distinguished expert in the field, had emphasized the remarkable benefits of Surface Multiphase Boosting (SMB) in the oil and gas industry. SMB was like a clever trick that helped extract more oil and gas from wells by keeping everything mixed together—oil, gas, and water. This not only saved money but also made production more steady and reliable. When SMB was combined with tools like pumps, it was like giving wells a power boost, making them produce even more oil and gas. SMB could work in many different places, even in challenging locations and older wells where production was slowing down. In a nutshell, SMB was a game-changer, making oil and gas production better, more cost-effective, and more dependable, which was a big deal in the world of oil and gas.

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