On the way to Autonomous Mobility

Arun Shankar

Head of Innovation at Continental

Session Description

Arun Shankar leads Continental Autonomous Mobility’s Innovation-Lab, driving incremental innovation, IP creation, and strategic partnerships for an enriched Autonomous-Systems portfolio.

The pursuit of autonomous mobility has ignited a paradigm shift in the realm of transportation. As the presentation unfolds, it paints a vivid picture of a world where the notion of self-driving cars ceases to be a distant dream and transforms into an impending reality. The journey towards this future is underscored by a resounding motivation—to harness the power of automated-driving systems. This motivation serves as the driving force behind a meticulously crafted portfolio of sensors, software, and embedded computers.

These technological marvels harmoniously collaborate to pave the way for automated driving in passenger cars, promising a future that seamlessly merges innovation and transportation.

At the heart of this transformation lies the intricate dance of sensors, software, and embedded computers, orchestrating a symphony of automation that redefines how we interact with our vehicles. The presentation offers a fascinating exploration of the “chain-of-effects” involved in this process, shedding light on how these components work in tandem to realize the concept of autonomous mobility. While the allure of self-driving cars is captivating, the presentation doesn’t shy away from addressing the real-world challenges that accompany this journey. From regulatory hurdles to the intricacies of technological integration, the road to autonomous mobility presents a landscape of complexity. Yet, each challenge serves as an opportunity to innovate, ensuring that the road ahead is not only transformative but also marked by continuous progress towards a future where mobility knows no bounds.

Key Topics

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