Navigating the Technology Jungle: Simplifying Oil and Gas supply Chain in Industry 4.0

Hossam Elsaadany

Leader Artificial Lift at AlmendrasOil

Session description
Hossam El-Saadany, Head of Procurement and Contracts at the Egyptian Refining Company, is set to enrich the Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Conference with over 18 years of supply chain expertise. Armed with an MBA from ESLSCA Paris, his proficiency spans process optimization, strategy, competitive intelligence, and logistics. In this blog, we’ll delve into his groundbreaking strategies on Navigating the Technology Jungle: Simplifying Oil and Gas supply Chain in Industry 4.0

In this exploration of Industry 4.0’s transformative influence on sourcing and procurement in the oil and gas sector, Hossam Elsaadany will contribute his valuable insights. The focus lies on understanding the profound impact of Industry 4.0, particularly in the context of digital transformations within downstream processes. Together, we will unravel the challenges arising from the swift integration of technology and the constantly evolving supply chain landscape. Hossam will also share real-life success stories, showcasing how innovative companies leverage free tools to optimize their sourcing and procurement operations. Join us in embracing agility, exploring freely available tools, and maximizing existing resources to effectively navigate the complexities of Industry 4.0.
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