Navigating the Real-Time Visibility Paradox to Unlock Value in Supply Chains

Slawomir Wycislak

Associate Professor at Jagiellonian University

Session Description
Dr. Slawomir Wycislak, an Associate Professor at Jagiellonian University, is a leading expert in supply chain management, merging academic rigor with practical industry experience. His upcoming book delves into cutting-edge strategies for optimizing supply chain transparency and efficiency. He is all set to share his views on navigating the real-time visibility paradox, offering invaluable insights into balancing responsiveness and resilience in contemporary supply chains.

Dr. Slawomir Wycislak will delve into the complexities of implementing real-time visibility in supply chains, balancing challenges with its significant value. He will discuss strategic approaches utilizing technology while emphasizing the crucial role of human insight in decision-making. Through real-world case studies, Dr. Wycislak will illustrate both successful and challenging aspects of real-time visibility implementations. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into navigating this paradox to unlock the full potential of supply chains.
Key Topics

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