Modernization Journey in Real Time Well Engineering: At Speed, At Scale, At Edge, in Real Time

Robello Samuel

Chief Technical Advisor and Senior Fellow at HALLIBURTON

Session Description
Dr. Robello Samuel, Halliburton’s Chief Technical Advisor and a trailblazing figure in drilling engineering. With over 227 technical papers and 82 US patents, he’s a driving force in innovation. In this blog, we’ll uncover his insights on real-time well engineering modernization, exploring the future of the industry at lightning speed, and on the edge.

Dr. Robello Samuel, the distinguished Chief Technical Advisor at Halliburton, led us on a remarkable journey into the world of real-time well engineering modernization. In the past, this transformation was characterized by the swift transition from mechanization to automation, driven by the synergy of data and digital technologies. The industry’s traditional reliance on device-centric drilling yielded to digitally guided, well-centric operations. Dr. Samuel’s insights not only elucidated the theoretical foundations of this shift but also provided practical solutions and roadmaps, replete with vivid illustrations. The integration of real-time data analytics, artificial intelligence, and edge computing propelled the industry into the realm of Industry 4.0, promising heightened efficiency, reduced downtime, and precision in decision-making. This historical journey marked the emergence of wells as dynamic centers of real-time intelligence and operational excellence in the field of well engineering.
Key Topics

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