Intra Africa Travel in a Smart Approach

Aaron Munetsi

Chief Executive Officer at Airlines Association Of Southern Africa

Session Description
Smart Journeys: Navigating Africa’s Intercontinental Exploration
Dive into the captivating world of “Smart Journeys: Exploring Africa Intercontinentally.” Our distinguished speaker, Aaron Munetsi, AASA’s CEO, brings a wealth of experience from roles at South African Airways and AFRAA. With expertise as an aeropolitical and business strategy advisor, Aaron holds credentials from renowned institutions like the University of Zimbabwe and the University of Witwatersrand Graduate Business School.
Cruise effortlessly through rail, road, air, and maritime pathways, energized by the visionary Single Africa Air Transport Market. Seize the boundless potential of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, propelling open skies and unparalleled interconnectivity across this thriving continent.
Explore Africa’s essentials – its countries, population dynamics, demographics, and robust economies. Uncover the reasons propelling intra-Africa travel across rail, road, air, and maritime domains. Immerse in the African Union’s flagship project, the Single Africa Air Transport Market, a catalyst for open skies. Witness how the African Continental Free Trade Agreement empowers interconnectivity, shaping an enabler of progress. Embark on Smart Journeys, where discovery meets innovation and unity, unraveling the intricacies of Africa’s intercontinental exploration.
Key Topics

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