Innovating for Impact : Digitization of Supply Chains in Schools with IoT, AI, and ML.

Aditya Kumar Sharma

Senior Operations Manager at Zum Services Inc

Session Description
Aditya Kumar Sharma, a distinguished Military Veteran and Senior Operations Manager at Zum Services Inc., merges expertise from military supply chains with innovative tech solutions to impact millions of children in the School Industry. Recognized internationally for leadership and service, Aditya pioneers initiatives such as integrating EV technology into school transportation, exemplifying his commitment to innovation and societal impact. He is all set to share his views on Innovating for Impact: Digitization of Supply Chains in Schools with IoT, AI, and ML, showcasing his dedication to advancing educational infrastructure through cutting-edge technology.

Aditya Kumar Sharma will delve into the transformative potential of AI and ML as Catalysts for Smart Supply Chain Optimizations, focusing on their impact on customer experience and tracking visibility across hundreds of School Districts, benefiting millions of school-going children and their parents. He will explore how Machine Learning can optimize supply chain routing, driving down costs while enhancing efficiency in this critical sector. Additionally, Aditya will discuss the methodology for implementing digitalization in this novel sector, highlighting its implications and the myriad benefits it brings to stakeholders involved.
Key Topics

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