How to de-risk revamping projects & maintenance contracts?

Thomas Grand

COO at Samp

Session Description
At the forefront of revolutionizing industrial practices, Thomas Grand emerges as a prominent figure driving change within Samp, an industrial cloud software company. With an impressive career spanning over two decades, Thomas has cultivated expertise at the intersection of the process industry and digital systems. His recent presence at the Oil and Gas Automation Digitalization Conference 2023 unveiled enlightening insights into the art of de-risking revamping projects and maintenance contracts. This blog takes a closer look at the key takeaways from his thought-provoking presentation, shedding light on Samp’s innovative approach that is reshaping the industrial landscape.

In the dynamic realm of oil and gas, the synchronization between outdated process engineering drawings and current 3D reality capture holds the key to a successful future. Samp, a prominent player in the industry, has harnessed this integration to revolutionize the landscape of revamping projects and maintenance contracts. By identifying discrepancies between P&ID representations and the actual field conditions, Samp’s solution acts as a proactive shield against errors, rework, and safety hazards. Furthermore, this integration bridges the communication gap between office engineers and field workers, fostering a shared understanding that drives collaboration and informed decision-making.

Samp’s innovation offers a multi-faceted value proposition. Firstly, in the context of revamping and expansion projects, the integration streamlines the entire project lifecycle from preparation to execution and handover. By catching discrepancies early, the solution minimizes risks, accelerates timelines, and reduces costs. Secondly, the benefits extend to long-term service contracts, enhancing precision in bidding, improving service execution, and facilitating project closure. Samp’s approach isn’t just a technological leap; it’s a strategy to de-risk, accelerate, and optimize operations in an industry where precision and efficiency reign supreme. Embracing this integration isn’t just an option; it’s a transformative imperative for oil and gas companies aiming to thrive in the face of complexity.
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