How Can Technology and Data Support The Shift To Sustainable Transport?

Daniel Clarke

Head of Innovation and Technology at Greater Cambridge Partnership

Session Description
Daniel Clarke, Head of Innovation and Technology at Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP). A mobility innovation trailblazer, he led the UK’s first public transport autonomous vehicle trial. Dan deploys sensors and data platforms for enhanced insights, shaping urban movement. He’s a key presence at Smart Transportation Conference 2023. Discover how technology and data drive sustainable transport in this blog.

In the heart of Cambridge, a city grappling with urban growth and traffic congestion, technology and data emerge as guiding lights toward a greener horizon. As roads fill with vehicles and expansion beckons, the imperative of sustainable transport takes center stage. Cambridge’s response to this challenge is a dynamic blend of innovation and insight.

Cambridge’s urban landscape faces a pressing challenge: congested roads and the promise of further growth. The potential impact on residents is a driving force for change. Enter technology and data. By embracing data-driven insights and machine learning, Cambridge gains a profound understanding of its urban dynamics. This knowledge fuels decisions that align with sustainability goals, empowering the city to grow intelligently without compromising the well-being of its inhabitants. This synergy also facilitates a shift towards more sustainable travel options, making greener choices an attractive proposition through intelligent route planning, real-time updates, and tailored incentives. Furthermore, Cambridge’s innovative spirit shines as it trials new transport modes like autonomous vehicles, envisioning a future where efficiency and environmental consciousness harmoniously coexist in a thriving urban environment.

Key Topics

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