Discoveries in delivering the Industrial App Store

Steve Aitken

Founder at Intelligent Plant

Session Description
Steve Aitken, the founder of Intelligent Plant, a company with a mission to use industrial analytics to benefit the planet. With a background in physics and software, he’s driven to make a real difference in industrial sites through the Industrial App Store. In this blog, we’ll explore his innovative strategies for delivering the Industrial App Store and the discoveries he shared at the Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalization Conference 2022.

Steve Aitken had shared his insights into the way smart technology was transforming various industries, especially the energy sector. During that time, there was a pressing question: Could this technology truly make things more efficient and cost-effective, or was it simply adding to the expenses? Additionally, there was a growing need to consider the sources of our energy, some coming from traditional sources like oil, while others from cleaner options such as wind and solar power. Striking the right balance between these sources was a significant challenge. Furthermore, the complexities of intellectual property rights were both a driving force for innovation and a potential hurdle to progress. Aitken had explored these topics while discussing the delivery of the Industrial App Store, a digital toolbox for industries, and how it was reshaping work processes and energy utilization.
Key Topics

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