Digital Twinning Brownfield Assets – Unified Data for Environmental, Safety and Productivity Improvements

Rob Southon

Chief Technology Officer at VEERUM

Session Description
Rob Southon, the Chief Technology Officer at VEERUM, with 18 years of experience leading technology teams and crafting complex software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He’s a visionary leader who recently shared actionable insights at the Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalization Conference 2022. In this blog, we’ll explore his strategies on “Digital Twinning Brownfield Assets – Unified Data for Environmental, Safety, and Productivity Improvements.”

Rob Southon, shared his innovative vision for improving the efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability of factories and industrial sites through his “Digital Twin” concept for brownfield assets. This ingenious idea involved using advanced technologies such as AI and ML to connect critical information about these locations and create virtual replicas that functioned just like the real thing. These digital twins offered predictive insights to enhance safety, facilitated easy access to essential data for informed decision-making, and reduced the need for on-site visits. They also played a vital role in monitoring and addressing environmental issues in real-time. Rob Southon’s pioneering approach aimed to make industries more productive and eco-conscious, and he led the way in demonstrating how it could be achieved.

Key Topics

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