Decarbonizing the Energy Sector: Role of Emerging technologies and Green fuels

Dr. Mohsen Khorasany

Head of research and innovation at TYMLEZ

Session Description
Dr. Mohsen Khorasany, a leading expert in energy transition and sustainability. Discover his insights on the role of emerging technologies and green fuels in decarbonizing the energy sector at the Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalization Conference 2022.

Dr. Mohsen Khorasany shared insightful views on the importance of making our energy production cleaner and more environmentally friendly to benefit the planet. He emphasized the significant contribution of green fuels, sourced from renewable resources like wind and solar energy, to this mission. Dr. Khorasany also highlighted the role of technology, specifically mentioning blockchain, as a solution to ensure the authenticity and environmental friendliness of these green fuels. He likened blockchain to a digital diary, a special computer system that recorded the entire journey of these eco-friendly fuels, from their production to transportation. This transparency allowed consumers to verify the eco-friendliness of the energy they used, underlining technology’s vital role in advancing environmental sustainability in the past.
Key Topics

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