Applying a Zero Trust Framework to Securing the Oil and Gas Industry

Bill Moore

CEO and Founder at XONA

Session Description
Bill Moore, the CEO and Founder of XONA, a cybersecurity innovator. With 20+ years of experience, he’s leading the charge in securing critical infrastructure, particularly in the power, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. At the Oil and Gas Automation & Digitalization Conference 2022, Bill shared insights on applying a Zero Trust Framework for industry security. In this blog, we’ll explore his strategies.

Bill Moore, a prominent figure in the world of cybersecurity, echoed the pressing challenge faced by the oil and gas industry—ensuring the safety of critical systems in an increasingly connected world. He emphasized the shift from the traditional practice of keeping important machines offline, like having a locked door, to a more interconnected setup, akin to having a door that anyone could attempt to open. This shift posed a significant risk, as it opened the door to potential security threats. Bill highlighted the complexity of managing numerous computer systems within oil and gas companies, which further complicated the security landscape. In response to these challenges, he introduced the concept of “Zero Trust,” a new approach to security that involved thorough verification rather than blind trust, ensuring that only authorized entities gained access.

Key Topics

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