AI/ML Enabled Intelligent Transportation Systems and Sustainable AI

Krithiga Ramadass

ML Engineer at TOYOTA Connected India Pvt Ltd

Session Description
Krithiga R, the ML Engineer at TOYOTA Connected India Pvt Ltd, has shared exhilarating insights that beckon us to explore and usher in a promising future. Her perspective sheds light on how AI/ML-enabled Intelligent Transportation Systems are orchestrating a revolution in urban mobility, effectively sculpting cities into smarter and more environmentally conscious landscapes.

In an era where climate change concerns loom large, the quest for sustainable solutions has risen to the forefront across various industries. This pursuit has made significant inroads into the realm of transportation, where the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is propelling the evolution of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) towards enhanced efficiency and ecological consciousness. The amalgamation of AI/ML and ITS not only holds the potential for optimizing transportation operations but also for fostering a future that is more ecologically sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Steering this transformation are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive sector. By embracing AI/ML technologies, these manufacturers are revolutionizing how vehicles engage with their surroundings. Through the implementation of predictive maintenance algorithms, real-time traffic analysis, and route optimization, AI-driven vehicles can substantially curtail carbon emissions, amplify fuel efficiency, and alleviate traffic congestion. This not only aligns with the global shift towards sustainability but also underscores the capacity of AI/ML to reshape traditional industries positively.

However, the advent of AI/ML-powered Intelligent Transportation Systems brings forth a paradox that cannot be overlooked. The energy consumption associated with AI model training and deployment presents a counterpoint to its favorable impact. As the world endeavors to shrink its carbon footprint, the technology sector must devise strategies to mitigate the environmental toll of AI. Striking a balance between harnessing the capabilities of AI/ML for sustainable transportation and addressing the energy consumption conundrum is a pivotal challenge necessitating innovative resolutions. The expedition towards achieving authentically sustainable AI, therefore, mandates a multi-dimensional approach that takes into account both the advantages and disadvantages of this transformative technology.

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