Front End Developer Professional Certificate

The WordPress Front End Developer Professional Certificate equips you with the essential skills to design and develop visually appealing, responsive websites using WordPress
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3 Months
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Training Description

Unlock the power of WordPress with our comprehensive course. Learn to design, build, and manage professional websites with ease. Master themes, plugins, SEO, and customization techniques to create responsive, user-friendly sites that stand out. Perfect for beginners and those looking to enhance their web development skills.

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Syllabus of Our project management certification programs

Introduction to WordPress
  • What is CMS and WordPress
  • Install WordPress on Localhost
  • Install Theme in WordPress on Localhost
  • Server Installation (XAMPP Installation)
  • Dashboard Summary in WordPress
WordPress Pages, Posts, and Menu
  • How to create WordPress pages
  • How to create a menu in WordPress
  • How to create categories and add them to the menu
  • How to set any page as a Homepage in WordPress
  • Blog page setup
  • Approve, Edit, or Delete Comments in WordPress Post
  • How to Create a Custom Menu in WordPress?
Setup Permalinks, Widgets, Site Logo
  • Change permalinks in WordPress
  •  Different types of WordPress widgets
  • Use Calendar widget
  • Use Category widget
  • Recent post widget
  • Change Logo & Website Title
  • Create Footer Section using the widget
Most Useful WordPress Plugins
  • Add Visitor Counter
  • Add Image Gallery in
  • WordPress (FooGallery Image Gallery Plugin)
  • Organize WordPress Media Library
  • Use Simple Meta Slider in WordPress
  • Simple Meta Theme Option
  • Carousel slider in WordPress
  • Create a Mobile Responsive Menu
  • Hide Default Theme Mobile Menu in WordPress
  • Password Protect Page or Post in WordPress
  • Increase the WordPress Maximum Upload File Size
  • Duplicate Post in WordPress
  • Create a Slider in WordPress (Using Smart Slider Plugin)
  • Add Buttons & Headings in Slideshow
  • Block Editor to Classic Editor
  • Recent Posts with Thumbnails
  • Custom Post Order in WordPress
Contact Form 7, Mail Configuration, and SMTP
  • Add Contact Form 7 in WordPress
  • Setup WP SMTP in WordPress with Contact Form 7 on Localhost
  • Add Radio Button in Contact Form 7
  • Add CheckBox in Contact Form 7
  • Add Select box or Dropdown List in Contact Form 7
  • Add Quiz Option in Contact Form 7
  • Add File Attachment in Contact Form 7
  • Add a Date Picker Option in Contact Form 7
  • Display Contact Form 7
  • Redirection of Contact form 7 to a Thank You Page
  • Pop Up Message for Contact Form 7
  • Add Google Recaptcha to Contact form 7
Elementor Page Builder Plugin
  • Create Column Layouts With Elementor
  • All Element can use like (Buttons, Image Box, Spacebar, Accordion, Image Carousel, Progress Bar)
WooCommerce Plugin for Creating eCommerce Sites
  • What is WooCommerce?
  • Install and Setup Woocommerce Plugin
  • WooCommerce Settings
  • Create First Product in WooCommerce
  • Create Product Categories and Add Product Category to Menu
  • Filter Option on Product Page
  • Setting up the Taxes in WooCommerce
  • Shipping Option in WooCommerce
  • Create Coupons with WooCommerce
  • Add Variable Product In WooCommerce (Different Prices & Images)
  • WooCommerce Cart Page on a WordPress Site
  • WooCommerce Checkout Page
  • Add Cash on Delivery Payment Method in WooCommerce
  • Add RazorPay Payment Gateway in WooCommerce
Domain Name, Web Hosting, Making Website Live
  • What is Domain Name and Web Hosting?
  • How to Buy a Domain name and Web Hosting?
  • How to Upload WordPress Website from Localhost to Live Server
WordPress Projects (Practical)
  • How to create a blogging website?
  • How to build a one-page WordPress website?
  • How to create a landing page?
  • How to design an Education website on WordPress?
  • How to design a Travel website on WordPress?
  • How to create an eCommerce Website on WordPress?
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    Read Most Frequent Questions

    Frequently asked questions

    What is WordPress?
    WordPress is a popular website builder (Technically known as content management system) that allows users to create and manage websites easily without hardcore coding knowledge of various programming languages. It’s widely used for blogs, business websites, and e-commerce platforms.
    What do I need to get started with WordPress development?
    • Minimum requirements are minimal, a 15000 rupees Laptop or even a Desktop which is fairly 10 years- 15 years old can fairly run the required programs.
    • Disk space: At least 1 GB. RAM (Random Access Memory): At least 512 MB.
    • CPU (Central Processing Unit): At least 1.0 GHz 
    What is a WordPress front-end developer?
    They design and build the front-end of the website. This involves creating the visual elements that users see, such as layouts, navigation menus, and interactive features. (Over all look and feel of the website)
    Is a WordPress Professional Certificate worth it?
    Half of the websites developed today are developed using WordPress ecosystem tools making it the most employable skillset and a necessary skill to have in today’s marketplace. Hiring decisions are purely made on the value adding certifications that an individual has apart from conventional education
    What jobs will this certification prepare me for?
    • You rightly fit into these possible wide array of roles
    • Front-end WordPress Developer, Back-end WordPress Developer, Full-stack WordPress Developer, Web Application Developer, WooCommerce Developer 
    Why should I get this Certificate?
    The WordPress Developer Certificates are for anyone who has a passion for tech and wants to build a career in this field. Upon completion, you’ll earn career credentials from PTN events that you can add to your resume and portfolio. Our Certificate is an industry-recognized credential that helps boost confidence and gives you a competitive advantage when applying to jobs. 
    What is the eligibility to enrolment into this course?
    No degree or experience necessary, anyone from a highschooler to a working professional, there is no age bar or precursor requirements set to avail this program. 
    What will be the Duration of this course?
    This starter program will have duration of 2 months and Pro program will have 3 months.
    Will I be Job ready after this program?
    Yes of course, You will be not just be leaving with a certificate from our end but you will be walking away with a practical knowledge to implement in any WordPress development lifecycle scenario. You’ll get expert-led training and build on-the-job experience through hands-on projects that you can add to your portfolio and show to recruiters for placement as a full-fledged WordPress developer.
    Can I work as a freelancer after this course?
    Of course, We will be helping you rollout high quality portfolio projects which can be used for your portfolio display on various freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr etc.]
    Do I need any prior knowledge of programming languages or any computer science degree?
    No prior knowledge is required in terms of Programming languages
    Can we pay the fees in instalments?
    Yes, you can deposit the total Amount in two parts.
    Is this course virtual or in offline mode?
    Tutoring will be done in offline mode at our study centre.
    What will be the mode of payment to deposit fees into?
    Any type UPI or Online payments are accepted through our website and Cash will be accepted at our centre.
    What will be the timings of the batches ?
    Anytime during 10 am to 9 pm
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