UK courier shipments to EU and the impact of Brexit on duties and country of origin

James Topps (2)
James Topps

Supply Chain & Operations Director at SKANWEAR

Session Description
James Topps, the Supply Chain & Operations Director at SKANWEAR, a leading provider of FR clothing and PPE. Discover how Brexit has reshaped UK courier shipments to the EU and learn Topps’ strategies at the upcoming World Freight Summit.

James Topps, an expert in the field, will shed light on the complexities that have arisen since Brexit, making it tougher to transport goods from the UK to the European Union (EU). A significant challenge lies in the “rules of origin,” which determine whether UK products can enter the EU without additional taxes, even if there’s a trade agreement in place. This complexity can result in unexpected taxes, especially when dealing with goods originating from countries like Serbia, which have EU deals. Additionally, courier services, the companies responsible for delivering packages, have faced their own set of problems post-Brexit, such as increased paperwork and taxes, leading to slower and costlier deliveries. Join us as James Topps explores how businesses have had to adapt to these new rules and find ways to maintain smooth deliveries to the EU.

Key Topics

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