Tech Forward: Embracing Gen AI and AI/ML for Next-Gen Logistics – Exploring Opportunities and Best Practice

John McFall

CEO at SupplyChainWise

Session Description

Prepare for an illuminating session at the upcoming World Freight Summit 2023, where the transformative potential of a global client-centric platform in reshaping the freight logistics sector will be unveiled. Leading this insightful discourse is John McFall, CEO at SupplyChainWise and an esteemed Gartner Peer Community Ambassador of Supply Chain. Boasting a distinguished career spanning more than two decades, John is a respected senior executive renowned for his groundbreaking contributions in the tech domain. In this blog, we delve into the profound implications of how a client-centric platform is supplanting traditional freight logistics forwarders’ software, revolutionizing the industry’s landscape.

In the realm of global trade, a transformative shift is underway as traditional freight logistics forwarders make way for a client-centric platform. The shortcomings of existing practices are evident – internal processes often take precedence over customer integration, leaving clients disconnected except for tracking updates. Enter the client-centric approach, where customers wield technology to navigate global shipping and trading. This platform empowers clients with tools like the Purchase Order Manager and real-time tracking, offering visibility, flexibility, and previously unmatched control. With 24/7 accessibility and a user-friendly cloud-based interface, the platform transcends the restrictive 9-to-5 model, becoming a global supply chain management hub that replaces antiquated processes with innovation.

This evolution isn’t merely technological; it’s a fundamental shift toward prioritizing customer needs. By providing multimodal options, integrating Customs compliance and warehouse management, and expanding selling horizons, businesses can respond rapidly to market dynamics while enhancing sustainability and transparency. As traditional barriers dissolve, this client-centric platform pioneers a future where the world becomes a selling field, and global trade gains efficiency, empowerment, and a competitive edg

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