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Welcome to our digital events listing. Here you will find our upcoming webinars, conferences as well as our archive of recent key digital events. You can also get more details about what we do and how we are driving the innovation by connecting global leaders.

    The heartbeat of PTN Events resides at the forefront of pioneering B2B conferences, straddling both commercial and knowledge-driven realms. These remarkable gatherings serve as a nexus, drawing together corporates, governments, associations, thought leaders, and high-net-worth individuals from across the globe. United by a common goal, we collectively explore the frontiers of technological advancements that are reshaping entire industries. Our conference topics span a rich spectrum, diving deep into sectors as diverse as Oil & Gas, Supply Chain, Transportation, Logistics, Retail, Procurement, Renewables, and Cybersecurity.
    Global Reach and Impact Our horizons are expanding, enabling PTN Events to showcase a remarkable array of 20 conferences each year. Boasting an impressive reach of 150,000 potential attendees, and a notable attendance of 13,000 individuals at every event, our impact spans over 50 nations. Our platform features a lineup of 750 speakers, over 700 sponsors and exhibitors, and partnerships with more than 1,250 media entities – collectively establishing a worldwide hub for industry innovation.

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      About Organization

      PTN Events

      Creating Opportunities By Connecting People!

      PTN Events is a global business events and consulting firm that provides a wide range of business services to a diversified client base. A leading organiser of commercial and knowledge based top-level conferences, managed by a group of specialists with more than a decade of combined expertise in successfully developing business events, trainings and consulting for corporates, governments, associations and high-net-worth individuals across the world.

      We are known for our smooth event delivery. Our staff have been directing, producing, managing and digitizing top-level conferences that connect businesses with opportunities through conferences, expos, demand generation and consulting services.

      Upcoming Conferences

      Thought leaders from their industry will facilitate breakout sessions, where you can deep dive into some of the hottest topics in digital transformation.
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      Creating Opportunities,
      By Connecting People!