Data Driven Supply Chain Conference 2024

An exclusive virtual event consisting of top level content and thought leadership discussions exploring Data Driven Supply Chain & Digital Revolution

21 – 22 February, 2024    |  Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference - Data Driven Supply Chain

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The biggest global supply chain event.

Data Driven Supply Chain 2024 unites industry leaders, government officials, and experts in technology, analytics, and data science. The primary objective is to enhance demand forecasting, integrate supply, financial, sales, and trade planning, and optimize automation through network and product improvements. This data-driven approach is dedicated to mitigating risks and ensuring a seamless supply chain without disruptions. It includes assessing supply chain resiliency through stress tests, measuring Time to Recover (TTR) and Time to Survive (TTS).
Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about efficient management of the bullwhip effect and strengthening supply chains through the push-pull hybrid approach. These strategies empower businesses to stay competitive and quickly adapt to market changes while providing exceptional products and services to their customers.


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    Conference Agenda Key Topics

    The conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:

    WHO should attend this event?
    Chief, SVP, VP, Director, Heads & Management from these functions:
    From These Industries
    WHY should you attend this event?
    Demographics of Attendees
    Through our virtual platform, you will have the opportunity to connect with all job levels of professionals in the supply chain industry. This means that you can discover new solutions, innovative technology, market outlooks and insight into consumer trends from various external perspectives.
    Take part in 1-to-1 meetings and virtual chats with potential leads and showcase your solutions in front of industry leaders. Find empowered buyers and/or decision-makers from across the globe all in one place.
    What is DDSC about?

    Data Driven Supply Chain 2024 brings together industry leaders, government officials, and supply chain experts to develop an efficient demand forecasting process. They aim to integrate supply, financial, sales, and trade planning, while driving automation through network and product optimization. The ultimate goal is to empower businesses to stay competitive, respond swiftly to market changes, and deliver exceptional products and services to customers.

    When and where is it held?

    DDSC2024 will be a 100% virtual conference held on a virtual streaming platform in May, 2024. The conference will be available online via live stream. The exhibition will be fully digital.

    Who is the organiser of DDSC?
    DDSC is organised by the PTN Events, a leading organiser of commercial and knowledge based top-level conferences: PTN Events brings together industry leaders, government officials, port authorities and technology solution providers to discuss the cutting-edge technologies that are changing today’s supply chain industry.
    For more information on what the association does and its services, please visit
    How many editions of DDSC have there been?

    This is the first edition of SCV. It will be held in May, 2024.

    Who should attend this event?

    DDSC is expecting a very high level of middle to upper management delegates taking part, where local and international CEOs, Directors, Managers as well as operators and suppliers.

    What makes this conference & Exhibition a success?

    Discover the ultimate 2-day conference to elevate your supply chain efficiency with comprehensive solutions. Engage in profound discussions on the impact of Data, Analytics, and Automation on business performance. Learn to develop successful supply chain digitization roadmaps and assess Supply Chain Resiliency with the Risk Exposure Index. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your supply chain capabilities!

    What is the service charge on your ticket purchase?

    The service charge is implemented for expenses such as set-up costs, credit/debit card processing services, merchant fees, vendor set-up fees, bank/currency charges, and other related expenses.

    What is included in the registration fee?

    The registration fee includes the admission to the conference on all conference days including access to the conference material (i.e., access to the video recording, conference presentation or papers).

    Registration payment by credit card?

    To make a payment by credit card, please register online and indicate that you wish to pay by credit card and one of our team will call you to arrange payment. Alternatively, please email or Give us a call.

    How do I register to attend DDSC?

    You can register online via the website. For any registration inquiries, please contact us at (+1) 640 800 2228 or write in to

    For more information on what the association does and its services, please visit

    Delegate registration confirmation and invoice?

    Delegates will receive confirmation and the invoice of their registration after their online registration form has been received.

    When will Post Conference Material circulated?

    An email will be sent to you after the event informing you when the post conference material are available. Attached to the email will be a set of instructions explaining how to obtain the material. Speakers have the right to withhold any information presented at the event; any papers/presentation not currently on the website may not be uploaded at a later date as requested by the speaker.

    Where is my Payment Receipts?

    Delegates will receive a receipt on request. The registration confirmation and invoice is not a receipt of payment; delegates will need to arrange payment for the invoice.

    How can I Cancel/Replace my registeration?

    Delegate bookings are transferable but cannot be cancelled. If you are unable to attend, please email as soon as possible. In such an event, you may nominate a substitute to attend who should be of similar standing in terms of business and financial responsibility.

    Network with PTN experts and technology executives

    At the Data Driven Supply Chain Conference, attendees have the opportunity to connect with global experts and industry-leading CIOs and technology executives. Experience unrivaled networking with top technology leaders across regions and industries to build new relationships, broaden your perspectives and uncover ways to balance efficiency and sustainability.

    • Exclusive Lounge Edition:* Seize the chance to join our exclusive meetings with top leaders fostering personalized connections and valuable information exchange, paving the way for meaningful relationships and potential opportunities.
    • High Traffic & Networking:* Engage with a diverse audience comprising professionals from leading organizations and various industries, offering you the opportunity to establish valuable connections that will enrich your personal and professional network.
    • Live Q&A Sessions: Experience live Q&A sessions at our conference, where you can directly engage with speakers, gain insights, and have your questions answered in real-time.
    • Highly Technical Sessions : Join our sessions, designed to provide in-depth knowledge, advanced insights, and expertise in specialized areas to enhance your skills and understanding.

    *To participate in these sessions, preregistration is necessary. Please note that these sessions are exclusively available for end users, and due to limited space, early registration is recommended.
    Our goal is to assist you in progressing with your most important priorities by collaborating with experts from around the world. We aim to provide you with industry-leading insights, guidance, and tools that enable you to make informed and efficient decisions.
    Experience personalized one-on-one sessions with industry experts, designed to address your specific goals and priorities. These popular meetings offer you skilled industry experts provide you with exclusive focus and their complete attention. They actively listen to your needs and offer valuable guidance on the essential factors that are crucial for your success.
    To participate in these sessions, preregistration is necessary. Please note that these sessions are exclusively available for end users, and due to limited space, early registration is recommended.

    Join the discussions

    Thought leaders from their industry will facilitate breakout sessions, where you can deep dive into some of the hottest topics in digital transformation.

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