Digital Twins: From Vision To Value In Virtual Reality

Gary Nakenelua
Gary Nakanelua

Managing Director, Innovation at Blueprint Technologies

Session Description
Gary Nakanelua, a tech visionary with over 15 years of experience. As the Managing Director of Experimentation & Innovation at Blueprint Technologies, he’s redefining the digital landscape. Dive into his insights on Digital Twins and their transformative power in virtual reality.

Gary Nakanelua, a tech expert, shared an exciting concept with us – Digital Twins. It was like creating a magical double of real things, similar to making a toy that’s a perfect copy of your favorite pet. But here’s the twist: instead of toys and pets, we talked about Digital Twins for important stuff like supply chains and pipelines. In that blog, we showed you how to make your very own digital twin of your supply chain using something called Azure Digital Twin. It was like a super-smart tool that helped you see and understand your things in a whole new way. We also told you about a real-life example where this tech was used to make virtual copies of oil and gas pipelines to keep them safe and running smoothly. And there was more! We even showed you how they mixed different kinds of information, like maps and computer data, to create an amazing virtual world you could explore. So, we hope you dived into the world of Digital Twins, where your ideas became real, and you discovered exciting new ways to make things work better.

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