Leveraging AI and ML for Global Parts Availability in Supply Chain Processes

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Vishwanadham Mandala

Data Engineering Lead at Cummins Inc

Session Description
Vishwanadham Mandala the Data Engineering Lead of Cummins Inc. Vishwanadham Mandala brings 20 years of experience as a Leader, Mentor, EA, and Multi-cloud Architect specializing in Integrations, Data, Cloud solutions, and AI/ML. Expert in designing and implementing highly scalable, cloud and on-premise solutions in Integrations, Data Engineering, and Big Data. Certified in SAFe, AWS, Azure, GCP, MuleSoft, and Oracle, with proficiency in Java, Python, Snowflake, Azure Databricks, Apache Airflow, and more. He had shared his views on Leveraging AI and ML for Global Parts Availability in Supply Chain Processes.

Vishwanadham Mandala shared his views on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) could transform global supply chain processes. His insights focused on enhancing part availability across international supply chains through practical applications such as predictive analytics for demand forecasting, real-time inventory management, and logistics optimization. Drawing from successful case studies, Vishwanadham highlighted the challenges and future outlook of AI and ML implementations in supply chain management. His session aimed to provide actionable insights for industry professionals seeking to innovate and optimize their supply chain strategies using advanced technologies.

Key Topics

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