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18 – 19 April 2024 /   100% Virtual Conference
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About CSC2024

Leveraging the technology innovation and Digital Revolutions

Container Shipping Conference & Exhibition 2024 unites industry leaders for innovative discussions on eco-conscious shipping strategies and technologies. Professionals from 3PLs, Shippers, and Government Officials explore sustainable fuel options and digital advancements.

Join industry leaders at the Container Shipping Conference 2024 for crucial knowledge sharing and collaboration, driving the development of sustainable practices benefiting both the industry and the environment.

Conference Theme/Key Topics

The conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:
Opportunities and Challenges

Opportunities and Challenges by Digital Transformation in Container Service Industry for Smart Ports, Real-Time Tracking, Fuel Management, Route Optimization, and Safety Enhancement

Green Shipping Initiatives

Navigating sustainability through Innovative Ship Design and Effective Ballast Water Management for Cleaner Oceans

Smart Shipping Technologies

Autonomous Ships: Safer, Cost-Efficient, and Greener Transportation Solutions

Regulatory Landscape

Groundbreaking Technologies and Best Practices & Expertise in Cyber Security, Geo-Political Tensions, Over-Regulations and Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG)

Cost Mitigation Strategies

Reduce extra costs of Demurrage & Detention Charges, Container Rollovers Charges and Rising Freight Rates

Sustainable Decarbonization

Decarbonization Pathway—Shaping a Sustainable World by 2050

Policies and Regulations

Causes and Impacts of Environmental Regulations, Modern Policies, Legislation & Regulations Shape the Global Logistics, Supply Chain Sector, and Port Industry

Global Trends

Development, Economic Outlook and the Worldwide Overview on Container Logistics Market in the coming years

Transport Integration

Intermodal Connectivity and Role of Ship to Rail to Truck Logistics

Container Efficiency Strategies

How Can Businesses Achieve Cost Savings and Sustainability Goals through Container Optimization, Port Congestion and Alternative Fuels?

Investment Landscape

Investment Scenario and Opportunities for Global Logistics and Supply Chain industry

Logistics Optimization

Strategic solutions for improving efficiency of End to End Logistics

Official Agenda 2024

[Day 1] Thursday, Apr 18, 2024
Available Session
Container efficiency – Cost savings and optimization: Case Studies of Sao Tome and foldable containers.
  • Adaptability and flexible solutions to achieve the best possible performance
  • Global connectivity – West Africa is now closer than ever
  • Saving time and costs to end customers
Andrés Cadenas
Head of Commercial & Trade, MARGUISA SHIPPING LINES
Dealing with Supply Chain and Logistics Risk Insomnia.
  • Supply chain professionals are increasingly facing a challenge known as Insomnia, which negatively impacts efficiency and resilience. Addressing this issue is crucial, considering the various risks involved: geopolitical conflicts, currency fluctuations, port congestions/strikes, pandemics, shifting consumer demands, fuel price changes, and environmental regulations
  • Understanding the demand plan is the initial step in mitigating supply chain risks. Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) is a shared ecosystem approach to planning that enhances visibility and speeds up decision-making, making supply chains more resilient.
  • The second step involves sustainable procurement that considers the economy, society, and environment. Digital procurement, like E-auctions, can enhance efficiency and secure favorable prices. Diversifying suppliers and clear spend management are strategies to manage delays and raw material shortages.
Priyanka Gowrishankar
Logistics Manager, JBF RAK LLC
Container Shipping: From Visibility to Action
  • Effective planning of door-to-door container shipments and monitoring their preparation to mitigate risks and prevent costly disruptions.
  • Real-time visibility of container shipments to enhance responsiveness throughout your supply chain.
  • Utilizing data to optimize your supply chain operations, boosting efficiency, reducing costs and safety stocks.
Carl Lauron
Founder & CEO, BuyCo
Mike DeAngelis
Head of Ocean Senior Director, FourKites, INC, International Solutions,
The Container market from class perspective: Evolving trends for container ships
  • New construction market trends: Giving an insight into orderbook trends, fleet age, new construction prices and scrapping activity.
  • Design trends: Identification of trends resulting from the changing market environment..
  • Future fuels on the rise: Examination of fuel options for container ships and emerging developments.
Christoph Rasewsky
Global Container Sector Lead, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Networking Break
Role of Container shipping in the Renewable energy space
  • Renewable Energy is the new age energy , with Solar and Wind and also the new energy such as Green ammonia is growing year on year globally. How does Container shipping help this and will the transportation of Container shipping assist this growth.
  • Will talk on multiple Transportation of goods right from Solar Modules, to spare parts , to trade routes to grow expected in the next 5 years. How does container shipping help, and assist the Growth of this segment globally . I will first talk on the new age renewables and then talk on the biggest trade routes and what is the best form of transportation.
Pradeep Raman
Vice President Strategic Business, Wiz Freight
The Transportation Data Cube (TDC) – The Cube that keeps thing rolling
  • In-house developed digital logistics tool that identifies the most affordable, efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly route options for your business needs.
  • Automated solution for rate uploads and quality checks which is highly flexible and requires no IT involvement for any system changes.
  • We provide a digital twin of the transportation network that serves as a foundation for cost-reduction strategies, risk mitigation, and limiting your carbon footprint
Enrico Schlick
Business Product Owner Transportation, Schaeffler
Adriatic (South) European Supply Chain becoming primary pattern to serve European customers
  • Saving 3.000 nm and CO2 emission, Adriatic is becoming priority for reliable, resilient, cost effective and CO2 neutral supply chain
  • Compatibility between North and South supply chains in/from Europe
  • Future of European Supply Chains
Ivic Vodopija
East Adriatic Managing Director at AP Moller Maersk Group, Maersk
Available Session
Available Session
[Day 2] Friday, Apr 19, 2024
RightShip brings winds of change in container liner risk governance.
  • Who is RightShip to the maritime industry let alone the container shipping sector?
  • The changing risk landscape of arriving vessels from the perspective of ports.
  • Transparency of vessel information and insights, including both quantitative and qualitative.
Andy Symonds
Head of Commercial Owners & Managers, RightShip
Impact of the new Global Supply Chain Landscape and how Customs can transform challenges to opportunities.
  • Global Trade 2.0 is here. The world is changing and there will be more changes the next 5 years than we seen to global trade the last 50
  • The industry is changing to meet new unknowns and new demands, including various regulatory reforms and new ESG supply chain legislation
  • We see emerging trusted trade lanes managed by supply chain visibility using smart containers through smart borders
  • Trade digitalization creates new opportunities to plan for the unplannable
Lars Karlsson
Global Head of Trade and Customs Consulting Maersk, Maersk
How seamless vertical integration of logistics services is going to be the key differentiating factor of the future.
  • Definition of Vertical Integration in logistics including industry examples
  • Current market dynamics – Need for versatility of services
  • Future outlook – which capabilities will be required to succeed?
Michael Eichstedt
Lead Strategy & Consulting, Freight & Logistics Industry Practice, Accenture
Networking Break
Discuss The role of AI in enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect shipping systems and data from cyber threats and attacks.
  • Exploer AI’s pivotal role in fortifying maritime cybersecurity
  • Delve into threat detection,risk mitigaton,and data protection measures,ensuring resilient defenses against cyber threats in the maritime sector
Richard Strauss
managing Director, B2L Cargocare B.V
Available Session
Available Session
Networking Break
Available Session
Available Session
Available Session

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