Best Practices And Case Studies Of Digitalization To Business Objectives And Technology Alignment

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Vyankatesh Tulshibagwale

Team Leader at Waypoint Port Services

Session Description
Vyankatesh Tulshibagwale, an industry veteran with over two decades of diverse experience, is set to share his insights at the World Freight Summit 2023. In this blog, we’ll delve into his strategies for aligning digitalization with business objectives, highlighting best practices and case studies that redefine industry standards and technology alignment for the future.

Vyankatesh Tulshibagwale emphasizes the importance of smartly leveraging digital technology in today’s ever-changing business environment. He highlights key strategies and real-world examples to illustrate this concept. Vyankatesh discusses how tools like email marketing and chatbots, similar to Airbnb’s approach, can boost lead conversion into sales. He also underscores the value of streamlined customer support, drawing inspiration from Amazon’s efficient operations. Personalization, exemplified by Netflix’s recommendation system, is highlighted as a means to enhance the customer experience. Vyankatesh suggests that by implementing such strategies and creating personalized online spaces for customers, businesses can better meet customer needs and thrive in a competitive business landscape.

Best Practices And Case Studies Of Digitalization To Business Objectives And Technology Alignment.

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