Using Digital Technology to Balance Cost Minimisation and Risk Management Objectives

Tan Miller

Harper Professor of Global Supply Chain Management at Rider University

Session description
In the ever-evolving realm of global supply chains, Tan Miller, the Harper Professor of Global Supply Chain Management at Rider University, emerges as a guiding light. With over 20 years of private industry experience, including leadership roles at Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer Inc., Miller’s expertise is rooted in the practical intricacies of supply chain dynamics. The present landscape, shaped by events like the Covid-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions, has thrust risk management into the forefront of logistics decision-making. This shift serves as a catalyst for Miller’s exploration of how digital technology can reshape logistics strategies, harmonizing the traditionally competing objectives of cost minimization and risk management.

Navigating these complexities, Miller unveils the potential of digital solutions as a pivotal driver of logistics transformation. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, organizations can not only respond effectively to supply chain disruptions but also proactively anticipate and mitigate risks. Through a well-structured framework, Miller demonstrates how digital tools empower businesses to strike the delicate balance between cost optimization and risk resilience. By merging real-world examples with academic insights, he paints a vivid picture of how enterprises can strategically employ digital technologies to navigate the intricate interplay between costs and risks. In an era where uncertainties loom large, Miller’s expertise paves the way for a future where logistics isn’t just about moving goods, but about orchestrating an intricate symphony of efficiency and security.

Key Topics

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