Using Data Integration to build digital twins without compromising data Privacy

Alexander Alten

CEO and co-founder at Databloom AI

Session Description
Alexander Alten, the CEO and co-founder of Databloom AI, a trailblazing startup specializing in federated data processing. Under his leadership, Databloom AI develops “Blossom Sky,” an AI-Powered Data Platform Integration as a Service, enabling distributed data processing across multiple engines. Alexander’s expertise was showcased at our Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023, and this blog explores the impactful insights he shared during the event.

Digital twins are like virtual twins of real things, helping us predict how real objects will behave. But here’s the catch: we need a lot of data to make them work well. While using data is awesome, keeping our data safe and private is super important too. Imagine a cool trick called “federated learning” that lets us use data without telling anyone the exact details. It’s like sharing the secret recipe for a cake without showing the whole kitchen. This trick helps us build accurate digital twin models while keeping our private data safe. Balancing Data Sharing and Privacy: Digital twins need good data to make smart predictions. Federated learning is like teamwork for data – different groups can help each other without giving away their private information. So, if you have data about cars and I have data about trains, we can share what we know to make both our digital twin models better. This way, we don’t have to worry about our secret data getting into the wrong hands. Plus, this teamwork saves money by using data more efficiently. So, while we make cool predictions with digital twins, our data stays safe, just like a secret between friends.
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