Transform or Go Extinct: How the future of the oil and gas industry is hinged on the successful implementation of digital transformation projects

Oladotun Lofinmakin

Upstream Change Management Officer at NNPC Limited

Session description
Oladotun Lofinmakin, NNPC Limited’s Upstream Change Management Officer, with a decade of international Oil and Gas industry experience. Certified as a PMP and Agile Business Analyst, he shared valuable insights at our Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Conference 2023. In this blog, we delve into his presentations, emphasizing the pivotal role of digital transformation in the industry’s future, titled “Transform or Go Extinct.

Oladotun Lofinmakin has articulated a pivotal perspective on the matter. He underscores the imperative for the oil and gas industry to undergo substantial transformations leveraging contemporary technology. These adaptations are considered vital for the industry’s sustained viability and relevance. It is no longer a matter of choice but rather a compelling necessity to ensure future competitiveness. Lofinmakin envisages a scenario in which the industry seamlessly integrates digitalization into every facet of its operations, from exploration to supply chain management. This digital transformation promises heightened agility and enhanced capabilities. He also emphasizes critical success factors, including resolute leadership commitment, the formulation of a well-defined strategic plan, and a rigorous focus on data security and data-driven decision-making. Drawing inspiration from the successful deployment of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Automation in other sectors

Key Topics

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