The importance of a digital strategy for freight forwarders

Andrea Martin

FreightViewer Coordinator at Conqueror/Coop/Globalia at FreightViewer

Session description
Andrea Martin, the FreightViewer Coordinator at Conqueror/Coop/Globalia, is a digital leader in the logistics field. She guides logistics professionals in using FreightViewer, a software that streamlines the way they offer rates and manage their work. Andrea’s insights, shared at the Container Shipping Conference 2023, highlight the crucial role of digital strategies in the freight forwarding industry. In this blog, we’ll delve into her strategies, revealing why going digital is a game-changer for logistics.

Andrea Martin, a digital expert in the shipping world, shares her insights about how the shipping industry is changing with technology. She explains that freight forwarders, who help move things around the world, need a “digital strategy,” which is like a smart plan. This plan uses computers, smart sensors, and data analysis to make their work better. Andrea talks about Industry 4.0, which is a big change in how things are made and shipped, and how freight forwarders can fit into this new world. She also mentions that while creating a digital strategy can be tricky with challenges like keeping information safe, making all the technology work together, and teaching people new skills, it’s really important for freight forwarders to do it to stay competitive and efficient in this high-tech era.
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