The Grave Need for a Holistic Systems Approach

Hassan Al Malak

DevOps & Agile Transformation Leader at Aramco at Saudi Arabian Oil at Aramco

Session description
Hassan Al Malak, the DevOps & Agile Transformation Leader at Aramco, a driving force in the oil and gas industry’s digital transformation. With 15 years of diverse expertise and a focus on Lean, Agile, and DevOps practices, Hassan is shaping the future of innovation and efficiency. In this blog, we’ll delve into his strategies, emphasizing the crucial need for a holistic systems approach in the industry.

Hassan Al Malak, a leader in digital transformation, emphasized the importance of seeing the whole picture in the tech-driven world. While we often got excited about fancy gadgets and technologies like AI and IoT, Hassan reminded us that digital transformation was more like solving a puzzle with two significant pieces. One piece was about delivering digital stuff, like apps and systems, and the other was about creating products and services. To make this puzzle fit, we needed a smart plan that included automation, teamwork, and creative thinking. And here’s the key: it wasn’t just small companies that needed this approach—it was crucial for big ones too, especially those with lots of technology and data.

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