Status of the Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) Ecosystem and What Can We do to Improve it!

Mark Sage

Executive Director at AR for Enterprise Alliance

Session Description
Mark Sage, the Executive Director of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA). He is dedicated to accelerating AR adoption, creating value, and fostering an ecosystem for enterprises. With a background in AR, VR, IoT, Mark’s insights drive innovation, as seen in his contributions to our Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023. This blog delves into his presentations, uncovering his impactful contributions.

Imagine a world where our digital devices blend seamlessly with the real world, helping businesses work smarter. This is happening through a technology called Augmented Reality (AR). Right now, AR is making a big impact on how companies do things. AR is like a special pair of glasses that shows us extra information about what we see. This helps companies in many ways, like making things faster in factories, helping doctors during surgeries, and training workers better. The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is like a group of smart people working together to make AR even cooler. They do research, share ideas, and solve problems to help businesses use AR more easily. Even though AR has great potential, there are still things to figure out, like how to keep information safe and how to make AR work smoothly with other technology. By working together and learning more, we can make AR a powerful tool that helps businesses and people all around the world.
Key Topics

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