Savings through SMART collaboration platform

Md. Shamsuddin Bhuiyan

Assistant General Manager, Supply Chain at Gildan

Session description
Md. Shamsuddin Bhuiyan, the Assistant General Manager of Supply Chain at Gildan, brings over 12 years of supply chain expertise to the table. His skills range from materials sourcing and inventory management to strategic planning and team leadership. At the Container Shipping Conference 2023, Shamsuddin shared actionable insights, and in this blog, we’ll delve into his strategies. Specifically, we’ll explore how the implementation of SMART collaboration platforms can yield significant savings in supply chain operations, offering valuable lessons for businesses seeking efficiency and cost reduction.

Md. Shamsuddin Bhuiyan has highlighted the importance of SMART collaboration platforms in our rapidly changing world. These platforms offer more than just financial savings; they provide a superpower that helps us save time, energy, and contribute to a better world. They enable swift communication and information sharing, eliminating the need for lengthy discussions and repetitive tasks. Collaboration fosters a positive atmosphere and boosts energy as we become part of a team. In our interconnected global landscape, where challenges are often substantial and intricate, working together isn’t just a choice; it’s the path to not only survival but also prosperity. Bhuiyan emphasizes that teamwork and collaboration are the key ingredients for achieving greatness and improving our lives. Mac Sullivan, a logistics expert, has a message for the world of shipping and logistics: it’s time for smart and courageous individuals to step up and tackle the industry’s challenges. He draws inspiration from Malcolm McLean, a pioneer who revolutionized shipping with containerization. Mac believes that despite the noise from media, greed, and short attention spans, there are incredible opportunities in logistics waiting to be seized. With a wealth of insights from history, academics, and his own journey, Mac aims to inspire companies, professionals, and students to take action and improve the logistics field. While his focus is on a specific part of logistics called freight forwarding, his call for collaboration extends to all, urging them to act before the excitement of Covid-19 and digitalization passes by.
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