Rigless deployed ESP – Comparisson of current available technologies

Martin Querol

Business Development and Artificial Lift Expert Consultant at Noble Alfil Management Consulting

Session description
Martin Querol, a Mechanical Engineer and Business Development Consultant at Noble Alfil Management Consulting in the UAE, with over two decades of experience. He’s a distinguished expert in Artificial Lift, focusing on ESP, GL, ESPCP, Completions, Geothermal, Business Development, and Sales. Discover his groundbreaking insights on Rigless deployed ESP technologies at the recent Artificial Lift Summit 2022 in this blog.

Martin Querol, a seasoned expert in the oil and gas industry, shared insights into the transformative power of Rigless Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) technology. Rigless ESP proved to be a game-changer, enabling operators to boost production without the need for cumbersome drilling rigs, resulting in reduced downtime and cost savings. Various methods, including coiled tubing, wireline technology, and tubing, were available for implementing Rigless ESP, each with its distinct advantages and limitations. Factors like well depth and pressure played a pivotal role in selecting the most suitable method, considering both operating and setup costs in the decision-making process.

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