Pioneering Next-Gen Supply Chain Management: The Convergence of RFID, Chatbots, and Generative AI in Logistics – A Use Case from One of the Largest Fertilizer Producers and Distributors in Indonesia

Mahmud Hanafi

Digital Customer Value Management at Telkomsel

Session description
Mahmud Hanafi, the digital expert at Telkomsel, Indonesia’s leading Telco Provider, is a 15-year industry veteran known for driving business growth through strategic technology use. His achievements include enhancing Telco WiFi and pioneering IoT solutions. At the Digital Logistics Conference, he’ll share insights on next-gen supply chain management, featuring RFID, Chatbots, and Generative AI in a real fertilizer distribution case.

Mahmud Hanafi, an expert in digital innovation, is about to dive into the exciting world of supply chain transformation. Picture this: in the world of supply chains, there are these amazing technologies called RFID, chatbots, and Generative AI, and they’re changing everything. RFID helps us track things accurately, chatbots are like super-smart helpers that talk to us, and Generative AI makes them even smarter. When these technologies team up, they make supply chains work better, save money, and make customers really happy. In this blog, we’ll explore how they work together and what’s coming next in the world of supply chains.

Key Topics

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