Operational Improvements using Digital Twin

Jean-Frederick Duquette

Lead Simulation and Virtualization - SMART Solutions at WSP

Session Description
Jean-Frederick Duquette, a Digital Twin expert with 20+ years of experience in 3D visualization. He leads the SMART Simulation and Virtualization Team at WSP Canada and shared insights on operational improvements using Digital Twins at the O & G Digital Twin Conference 2024. Discover his strategies in this blog.

Jean-Frederick Duquette had shared his insights on Digital Twins, likening them to digital replicas of real-world objects, processes, and systems, with the potential to significantly enhance business operations. These Digital Twins were categorized into three types: those for individual objects like machines, those for processes such as workflow, and those for entire systems, such as large factories. At that time, WSP, an engineering and consulting firm, utilized Digital Twins in all these categories to ensure the smooth functioning of machines and processes by examining their digital counterparts. They also integrated “Visual Digital Twins” into their training methods, allowing individuals to practice their jobs safely and efficiently without real-world risks. In essence, Digital Twins served as transformative tools that helped businesses improve their operations.

Key Topics

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