Modern omnichannel logistics as the competitive advantage for growth in CEE region

Damian Kolata

Head of Industrial & Logistics PL at Cushman & Wakefield

Session description
Damian Kolata, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades in logistics and e-commerce, is Partner and Head of Industrial & Logistics / E-Commerce CEE at Cushman & Wakefield. He’s set to be a prominent speaker at the upcoming Digital Logistics conference.

The notion of modern omnichannel logistics acting as a catalyst for growth in the CEE region is of paramount importance. Our speaker Damian Kolata will delve into three pivotal areas that exemplify this competitive advantage. To begin, they will delve into the swift proliferation of contemporary warehousing throughout the CEE region, coupled with the dynamic evolution of supply chain infrastructures, encompassing innovations like parcel machines, PUDO points, micro HUBs, and last-mile logistics solutions. Subsequently, the discourse will shift towards burgeoning sectors such as E-Commerce, re-commerce, and reverse logistics, which are gaining traction in the CEE landscape. Finally, the presentation will cast a spotlight on warehouse automation and state-of-the-art technologies that amplify the efficiency and productivity of e-commerce operations. These insights collectively underscore the transformative potential of modern omnichannel logistics in propelling growth and competitiveness across the CEE region.

Key Topics

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