Hydrocarbon Flow Digital Twin: What is Beyond Calibrating Wells and Network Models ?

Ahmad Shammari

PIPESIM Product Champion at SLB

Session Description
Ahmad Shammari, the driving force behind PIPESIM, the industry’s top multiphase flow simulator. With 20+ years in production engineering and digital oilfield systems, Ahmad’s expertise shines. Formerly at Saudi Aramco for 15 years, he now leads at SLB. At the Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023, Ahmad shared invaluable insights that we’ll delve into in this blog, highlighting his impactful contributions.

In the world of oil and gas, a game-changing idea called the Hydrocarbon Flow Digital Twin (HFDT) has emerged. Imagine having a virtual copy of an oil or gas production setup that behaves just like the real thing. This is the HFDT. It uses real-time data and smart computer models to show how oil and gas move through wells and pipes. More than just making models match real systems, HFDTs offer a live simulation of what’s happening, helping experts make better decisions quickly.

HFDTs come in different types, from basic spreadsheets to high-tech dashboards. They all rely on models that mimic real-world processes. At the simple end, people use basic models in Excel to figure out some basic stuff. As companies get fancier, they upgrade to more advanced software that uses real data to make better predictions. The coolest thing is that HFDTs are getting smarter thanks to new tech like AI and machine learning. This means they can not only show what’s happening right now but also predict what might happen next. In the coming years, we’ll see HFDTs getting even better, with more gadgets like IoT devices and cloud systems. This could help predict problems before they happen and make oil and gas production even smoother. So, these digital twins are more than just cool tools—they’re shaping the future of how we get energy.

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