Future of data driven Digital Twins

Tim Bartlett

Leading Engineer Technology Management at Equinor US

Session Description
Tim Bartlett, a seasoned expert with over 22 years of experience in the oil and gas and energy sector. His journey spans from mechanical and control systems engineering to the role of an energy producer. Currently the Engineer of Technology Management at Equinor US, Tim’s focus extends to fostering partnerships, nurturing ecosystems, and shaping the landscape of emerging technologies. His insights shared at the Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023 are the focal point of this blog, where we uncover the depth of knowledge he contributed to the industry’s evolution. As we journey through factories and encounter colossal machines, a seismic transformation is unfolding. The era of super-connected, smart digital twins is upon us. No longer confined to individual machines, these twins engage in conversations with multiple machines, processes, and systems. This orchestrated symphony ensures a harmonious collaboration that foresees and preempts problems before they even arise. To manifest this vision, the right data must be meticulously collected, validated, and secured – much like following a treasure map leading to an enlightened future. On this trail, industries are enhanced, resources are saved, and a world of increased efficiency and brilliance emerges.

Incorporating Tim Bartlett’s insights, we gaze upon a landscape where data-driven digital twins propel us towards a more intelligent and efficient tomorrow, revolutionizing the very essence of industries and shaping a world that thrives on interconnected ingenuity.

Key Topics

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