Extended reality in the oilfield: enabling our virtual twin journey

Crispin Chatar

Drilling Optimization Champion at SLB

Session Description
Crispin Chatar, the Drilling Optimization Champion at Schlumberger (SLB). With nearly two decades of experience across various roles within SLB, Crispin is a leading expert in the oil and gas industry. He specializes in developing advanced solutions for well construction and is known for his actionable insights, recently shared at the Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023. In this blog, we’ll delve into his presentations, uncovering the transformative ideas shaping the industry’s future.

Imagine a world where technology can help us learn faster, work together better, and stay safe in the oil and gas industry. For the past eight years, our software innovation center, led by Crispin Chatar, has been exploring something called Extended Reality (XR). XR includes things like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which can create amazing virtual experiences. Crispin and his team have teamed up with experts to design special uses for XR, and it’s changing the game in the oilfield.

With XR, we’re making training in the oilfield super cool. Newcomers can put on VR headsets and practice their skills in a virtual oilfield, which is both fun and safe. XR also lets experts from all over the world work together like they’re in the same room. We can see complex data in clear pictures, make digital copies of oilfield sites, and even use XR to stay safe and efficient. In Crispin Chatar’s presentation, he’ll share what they’ve learned and important things to remember if you want to use XR in the oilfield, like working with experts, keeping data safe, training people, and always looking for new ways to make things better. XR is like a super tool that’s changing how we do things in the oil and gas world, making it smarter and safer.
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