Emerging Cognitive Computing: Machine learning at the edge for the oil and gas industry

Ivan Scattergood

CTO at OctaiPipe

Session Description
Ivan Scattergood, the CTO of OctaiPipe, a driving force in the world of edge AI for IoT. Ivan’s journey started as a contractor at T-DAB, eventually becoming a vital part of the company. With a background in Cybernetics and control engineering, his expertise predates the rise of machine learning. Ivan’s insightful contributions at our Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023 are explored in this blog, shedding light on his impactful presentations.

In the world of oil and gas, new technology is making things better. One of these cool technologies is called “cognitive computing.” It’s like teaching computers to learn and make smart decisions. One important part of this is “machine learning,” where computers learn from data. But there’s a new twist – instead of sending all the data to a faraway computer, we can teach computers right where the data is, like at the oil and gas sites. This makes things faster, safer, and cheaper. Let’s see how! A Better Way: Normally, data from different machines goes to a big computer far away for learning. But this costs a lot, can be risky for privacy, and takes time. OctaiPipe, a smart system, is changing this. It helps computers learn on the spot, without moving data around too much. This saves money, makes things more secure, and follows rules like GDPR and the Cyber Resilience Act. Learning on the spot also means decisions happen quicker, and data stays safe since it doesn’t travel far. With OctaiPipe’s cool idea, the oil and gas industry can be more efficient, save money, and keep things safe and private.

Key Topics

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