Driving Customer Centricity in Omnichannel Merchandising Experiences

Kevin Deng

Growth Markets Data and AI Offering Development at Accenture

Session description
Kevin Deng, an Accenture expert with 20+ years of experience in AI-driven omnichannel commerce transformation, specializing in customer-centric merchandising and AI operating models. As the Generative AI Center of Excellence Lead for APAC, Kevin shares his insights at the Digital Logistics Conference, offering actionable strategies for “Driving Customer-Centricity in Omnichannel Merchandising Experience.

Kevin Deng emphasizes the importance of customer-centricity in the world of retail. It’s all about making customers happy by understanding their preferences and giving them what they want. Happy customers keep coming back for more, and that’s a big deal for businesses. In this blog, we’ll dive into why making customers happy is crucial for stores, drawing insights from both physical and online retail. Additionally, we’ll explore the exciting potential of Generative AI, a smart technology that can make shopping even better. It helps stores choose the right products to sell and offers personalized recommendations, similar to how Netflix suggests movies you might enjoy. Ultimately, it’s all about creating an awesome shopping experience for you!

Key Topics

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