Digitizing Well Construction operations to optimize cost per feet

Sameer Bisht

Product champion at SLB

Session description
Sameer Bisht, the Product Champion for Aggregation and Real-Time Data Delivery at SLB (Schlumberger Limited). With a decade of dedicated service in drilling database management, Sameer is a true industry leader, known for his passion for data management and product development. At our Oil & Gas Digital Transformation Conference 2023, Sameer shared groundbreaking insights that promise to redefine well construction operations and optimize costs. In this blog, we dive deep into his presentations, exploring the digitalization of well construction to enhance efficiency and drive industry evolution.

Sameer Bisht has offered valuable insights into the world of oil and gas drilling, where creating wells is a significant task. In the past, this process involved lots of paperwork and slow methods, leading to errors and wasted resources. However, the advent of digital tools has ushered in a new era of efficiency and excellence. These digital aids provide quick access to essential information, minimize errors, and expedite decision-making. Moreover, they prioritize safety and environmental responsibility, ensuring both financial savings and responsible practices. These digital tools are transforming well drilling into a smarter and more efficient process, akin to magic but grounded in the realm of intelligent technology, simplifying our work and enhancing the quality of our wells.

Key Topics

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