Construction of a Digital Tool for Increasing Oil Recovery in New and Existing Assets

Geoffrey Thyne

Chief Technology Officer at Engineered Salinity

Session Description
Geoffrey Thyne, a luminary with over 35 years of experience in the industry. As the Chief Technology Officer of Engineered Salinity, Geoffrey Thyne stands at the forefront of a revolution in oil production – one achieved through the strategic manipulation of water chemistry. His journey is a tapestry woven with decades of expertise, pioneering research, and a relentless pursuit of enhancing oil recovery. At the Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023, Geoffrey Thyne shared invaluable insights that resonate with innovation and possibility. In this blog, we delve deep into the knowledge he shared, shedding light on his remarkable contributions.

In the world of oil extraction, a key factor called “wettability” holds the key to getting more oil out of reservoirs. Imagine it as a puzzle piece that decides how easily oil can be taken out. What’s fascinating is that wettability is closely linked to the chemistry of oil and the watery liquid called “brine” in oil fields. By understanding this link, experts have built a smart digital tool that could revolutionize how we get oil.

Wettability, or how liquids interact with surfaces, is super important for getting oil from the ground. Scientists figured out that the way oil and water interact in the ground affects how well we can extract oil. This special relationship between wettability and the chemicals in oil and brine can be turned into equations that help us understand reservoirs better. These equations are like the secret codes that a smart digital tool uses to tell us how to recover oil in the best possible way. This tool takes data from the reservoir and adds these codes to it, helping oil experts make really good decisions and get more oil out of the ground. As this tool keeps getting smarter, it’s like a crystal ball that helps us see how to get the most oil while being careful with our resources. This is like the future of getting oil – using science and technology to make things better for everyone.

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